Lucy & Leo

After I had to say goodbye to my 11 year old Himalayan, I decided I wanted 2 cats, and a breed that was a little more hands-on than the typical Himalayan.  I did my research and decided on the Ragdoll.  I began researching breeders in my area (Ottawa) but thankfully found Rose-Ann Althot’s Chatabelles site.  Right away I loved seeing that the cats were “family cats” raised in a loving home.  I also loved their gorgeous faces.  Throughout the process of adopting my new wee ones, Rosie was helpful every step of the way. My cats are now 10 months old, gorgeous, monstrous, and have stolen our hearts.  They are sweet, loving, and both loads of comedy-relief!  They have excellent health and are loving towards strangers and each other.  I am so thankful for these two sidekicks.  As I type this, Lucy is sleeping with her paw resting on my arm and Leo is squished in beside her in a space that is clearly too small for him. Thank you once again Chatabelle’s for bringing these two gems into my life!

Thanks: Jane.