As someone who owns three small birds, one of the first questions I asked Rosie was if her kittens would be okay with them.  She reassured me that they would by telling me all about her queens, and recommending which litters I should adopt from.  She treats all her cats like members of the family, calling them by name and knowing each of their individual personalities.  From this I knew that I had found the right breeder.

On May 1st, 2015, I adopted a 9 week old female ragdoll from Rosie.  After only being with me for a few hours, Pearl was already very affectionate and napping by my side.  She’s a very energetic and playful kitten who always wants to be with me or a member of my family.  Even as I’m typing this she is purring from her spot on my lap.

This whole experience has been a positive one.  Rosie has been incredibly helpful throughout this entire process, and I would definitely recommend her kittens to anyone looking to add a new member to their family.


Thank you again, Rosie!