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 Ragdoll Photo Gallery




Bo is one of a kind! He is our neutered male that we have kept as a pet. He is about 7 years old but acts very much like a kitten. My daughter fell in love with his unique personality and plans on taking him with her once she has her own place. What a beautiful boy!!love








This is Bo when he was a kitten. As you can tell he is quite the character! He stills sleeps in that same fruit bowl today, but with a little more difficulty because of his size. I'm sure he wonders "why" the bowl has gotten smaller???love



 Legolus My Retired Male.









 This is Esmeralda at about 2 months of age. What a gorgeous and playful girl.love





There is Isadora, Romeow and Juliet on the stairs having fun and being silly. As you can tell by several of my photos that my furry friends have run of the house. They have the opportunity to explore and socialize. We raise them very much as part of the family, making our kittens well adaptable to new situations.love


Esmeralda at 9 months











As you can see Esmeralda is growing up to be one beautiful looking future queen.love


Loonette at 3 months.



Loonette is such a playful and sociable kitten. I'm sure she will have amazingly stunning looking kittens one day!love

Loonette at around 2 months.


What a pretty pose! Loonette will become a beautiful Queen one day.love


Isadora at 8 months.



Isadora just loved sitting under the Christmas tree.love


Isadora, Romeow and Loonette.




Winston- Seal Point Male






 Sephora and Isadora

Mother and Daughter. 




Chatabelles Olivera

 Seal Bi-color Mitted Mink.



Chatabelles Rochelle

Seal Point





Chatabelles Champagne

Seal Point Tortie






 Chatabelles Fancy Face

Seal Point Mitted






Chatabelles Zachary Binx (Our King!)






 Previous litters of kittens who have been adopted.

Blue Bi-color Mink Male.



Flame Point Mitted Mink Male.







Blue Point Mink Female.





Blue Point Mitted Female.






Seal Point Male.



Seal Point Female.




Seal Point Male.



Seal Point Bi-color Mink Female.



Flame Point Male.





Blue Point Female.





Blue Point Female.





 Seal Point Bi-color Male.






 What a beautiful boy!!






 Seal Point Mitted!






 Seal Point Mitted Mink Female.






Flame Point Male.




 Blue Bi-color Male.



Seal Bi-color Male.





 Blue Point Mitted with a Blaze Mink Male.





Blue Point Male.




Seal Mitted Mink 



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