When we decided to add a kitten to our home, we were looking for a breed, that would be compatible with our puppy. We had an amazing Siamese cat for many years, & were thinking about getting another one. I decided to research the various cat breeds, & discovered the Ragdoll. It seemed to have all the qualities that we were looking for. Just like our Siamese, we were smitten with the gorgeous big blue eyes! We liked the fact, that Ragdolls are bigger, gentle, & easy going. We went to our vet, to ask his opinion of this breed. We wanted to make sure that Ragdolls were a healthy cat. Our vet told us, that Ragdolls are his favourite cat, & that they are very healthy. It was now time to find a reputable breeder. I checked out a lot of Ragdoll breeder’s websites, & discovered Chatabelles. I was captivated by the beautiful, organized website. I e-mailed Rosie, & she got back to me right away. I told her what I was looking for, & she said that she had kittens available. Three days later, we went to meet Rosie & the kittens. Esmeralda (our kitten’s mama) had four sweet little fur balls! They were three weeks old. We chose the Seal Point male, & named him Ryley. He has just had his first birthday, & is now a healthy, husky, thirteen pounds! Ryley….aka”George Clooney” as our vet calls him lol, because he’s so handsome, is incredibly smart. He opens closet doors, by putting his paw under the door, & pulling it open, & then plays with the shoes! He loves playing with his little furry mice. I’ll throw the mouse, & he fetches it, & brings it back to me! We’ve played this game together, since I brought him home, when he was nine weeks old. We have a great time!

Ryley, certainly lives up to the description of this amazing breed. He is smart, sweet, gentle, & a very easy going guy!

Rosie & Bruno, are wonderful, caring people, that operate a beautiful Ragdoll cattery. We’re so glad that we chose Chatabelles! If we were to get another Ragdoll, Rosie is who I’d be calling.

We highly recommend Rosie & Bruno of Chatabelles. Just go for a visit, & you’ll be kitten smittened!!


Thank you: Ann.