A Happy Customer

I’m a very happy customer of Rose-Ann.

Her cats are amazing! Rose-Ann takes care of them the very best way.

I’m so happy I have a cat from her home and it is really a great personality and beloved.

Thank you,



When we decided to add a kitten to our home, we were looking for a breed, that would be compatible with our puppy. We had an amazing Siamese cat for many years, & were thinking about getting another one. I decided to research the various cat breeds, & discovered the Ragdoll. It seemed to have all the qualities that we were looking for. Just like our Siamese, we were smitten with the gorgeous big blue eyes! We liked the fact, that Ragdolls are bigger, gentle, & easy going. We went to our vet, to ask his opinion of this breed. We wanted to make sure that Ragdolls were a healthy cat. Our vet told us, that Ragdolls are his favourite cat, & that they are very healthy. It was now time to find a reputable breeder. I checked out a lot of Ragdoll breeder’s websites, & discovered Chatabelles. I was captivated by the beautiful, organized website. I e-mailed Rosie, & she got back to me right away. I told her what I was looking for, & she said that she had kittens available. Three days later, we went to meet Rosie & the kittens. Esmeralda (our kitten’s mama) had four sweet little fur balls! They were three weeks old. We chose the Seal Point male, & named him Ryley. He has just had his first birthday, & is now a healthy, husky, thirteen pounds! Ryley….aka”George Clooney” as our vet calls him lol, because he’s so handsome, is incredibly smart. He opens closet doors, by putting his paw under the door, & pulling it open, & then plays with the shoes! He loves playing with his little furry mice. I’ll throw the mouse, & he fetches it, & brings it back to me! We’ve played this game together, since I brought him home, when he was nine weeks old. We have a great time!

Ryley, certainly lives up to the description of this amazing breed. He is smart, sweet, gentle, & a very easy going guy!

Rosie & Bruno, are wonderful, caring people, that operate a beautiful Ragdoll cattery. We’re so glad that we chose Chatabelles! If we were to get another Ragdoll, Rosie is who I’d be calling.

We highly recommend Rosie & Bruno of Chatabelles. Just go for a visit, & you’ll be kitten smittened!!


Thank you: Ann.


As someone who owns three small birds, one of the first questions I asked Rosie was if her kittens would be okay with them.  She reassured me that they would by telling me all about her queens, and recommending which litters I should adopt from.  She treats all her cats like members of the family, calling them by name and knowing each of their individual personalities.  From this I knew that I had found the right breeder.

On May 1st, 2015, I adopted a 9 week old female ragdoll from Rosie.  After only being with me for a few hours, Pearl was already very affectionate and napping by my side.  She’s a very energetic and playful kitten who always wants to be with me or a member of my family.  Even as I’m typing this she is purring from her spot on my lap.

This whole experience has been a positive one.  Rosie has been incredibly helpful throughout this entire process, and I would definitely recommend her kittens to anyone looking to add a new member to their family.


Thank you again, Rosie!


This is Cleopatra. We purchased Cleo from Roseann at Chatabelles almost two years ago. We love her personality.  She’s very easygoing and she loves to be carried around in your arms while sprawled on her back. She’s very funny!!

Roseann was a pleasure to deal with and always gets back to us promtly with an answer to any questions or concerns we have.  She truly loves what she does and it shows.  Keep up the good work Rose-ann!!!

Thanks: Carole.

My First Pet

This is Alice Marie. I purchased Alice as my very first pet from Rose Ann at Chatabelles on April 18/2014. She has the most amazing personality. She talks to me constantly and loves to be brushed for long periods of time on top of the washing machine. She loves to sleep on her back with her fluffy tummy in the air on top of the table. Her castle is where she hangs out when I’m in my room, she’s always by my side and loves to make me laugh. I’m in love my kitty more then I imagined I ever could and she’s so very happy here!

Rose Ann has been a pleasure to deal with and is always there to answer any questions or concerns. She truly loves what she does and she does a fantastic job at it. Keep up the good work Rose Ann!!! Thanks: Laura.

Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight. But he was in Canada and I was in the US. So I continued to look domestically… but I kept coming back to the picture on Chatabelles website of the mink mitted flame point. He was exactly what I was looking for !  So I contacted Rosie and she jumped through all the hoops, above and beyond, making sure I had the right documentation so I could adopt him and bring him back to the US without a hitch. If she had not been so accommodating I may have just given up on that lovely boy, but she was so incredibly communicative, answered all my questions and made the cross border adoption easy for me.  And I could not be happier:  He is a fabulous cat, even more handsome in person than his picture! He is very healthy, affectionate, playful, inquisitive and gets along extremely well with my other cats.  A wonderful addition to the family, thanks to Rosie!

Thanks: Jennifer.