In August 2018, my son and I drove to Chatabelle’s to meet some of the kittens Rosie would have up for adoption in the coming month.  We were so impressed with how her cats and kittens were so relaxed and it was obvious that they were members of the family , loved and enjoyed.  Rosie had one kitten that was ready for adoption and although we hadn’t planned to get a kitten that day, we were smitten.  We took “Fitzgerald” home with us and Rosie ensured we had all that we needed, every base was covered, details of shots and schedule, food for him and a small blanket with the scent of his mother.  He has been great with his scratching post and hasn’t missed a beat with his litter box.

 We could not love Fitzgerald more, he is so sweet , he loves everyone, no matter who they are, whether he knows them or not.  He is curious and gentle.   He loves his water from the tap or tub and loves to sit on my feet when I’m getting him some food.

We will definitely be going back to Rosie for another kitten someday.  Thank you Rosie!

Thanks: Quinn