In August 2018, my son and I drove to Chatabelle’s to meet some of the kittens Rosie would have up for adoption in the coming month.  We were so impressed with how her cats and kittens were so relaxed and it was obvious that they were members of the family , loved and enjoyed.  Rosie had one kitten that was ready for adoption and although we hadn’t planned to get a kitten that day, we were smitten.  We took “Fitzgerald” home with us and Rosie ensured we had all that we needed, every base was covered, details of shots and schedule, food for him and a small blanket with the scent of his mother.  He has been great with his scratching post and hasn’t missed a beat with his litter box.

 We could not love Fitzgerald more, he is so sweet , he loves everyone, no matter who they are, whether he knows them or not.  He is curious and gentle.   He loves his water from the tap or tub and loves to sit on my feet when I’m getting him some food.

We will definitely be going back to Rosie for another kitten someday.  Thank you Rosie!

Thanks: Quinn

Isabella Jade

In October 2013, we added a new member to our family…. Isabella Jade… A retired Ragdoll Queen. She is the most gentle, affectionate and loveable kitty!!!  She “talks” to us to let us know if she wants a treat or a cold drink from the tap.  Since I have been off work not feeling well she looks forward to our cuddle times late morning and again in the afternoon. I love Izzy, she is my baby kitty!!! Thank you to Rosie and Bruno for choosing us to be  Izzy’s new family!!!  Thanks: Cheryl.

Our Kitten

I got my kitten last November. She was about 4 months old at the time. Rose-Ann and Bruno delivered her to me with a food sample and a small blanket with her mother’s scent. Rose-Ann was very helpful with all my questions. My kitten was already litter trained, and to this day I had no problems with her use of her litter box. She is very healthy, active, playful and affectionate. I never had any problems with her appetite. She likes to run around and kick a little rubber ball all over the living room, but she also likes to sleep beside me or just sit and watch me go about my chores. Sometimes she will meow with her little voice until I pet her. She used to like climbing onto tables and countertops, but that happens less now that she’s bigger. I will definitely consider “Chatabelles” again if I decide to add another ragdoll cat to my household. Thank you: Carlo.

The Sweetest Kitty

“I adopted a ragdoll from Rosie, and he’s truly wonderful. The sweetest kitty you’ll ever meet! I got him at 2 months old with all the vet papers needed! Rosie was amazing.  I asked a million questions and she answered each one. She even drove down to Toronto to drop him off

My experience with this cattery was great and if I want to further expand my family, I’ll definitely adopt from Rosie again! Thanks: Fizza.


A few months ago I was mentioning to a friend at work that I wanted to buy a new kitten to keep our 5 month old rescue kitten occupied at home. My colleague asked me if I had considered a ragdoll kitten. I had never even heard of this breed before – so the research began! I fell in love with what I was reading about the breed instantly, and their adorable appearance didn’t hurt. I was surprised to find that there were a number of Ragdoll breeders in Ontario. I reached out to about 6 in total. Some didn’t have any kittens available, and some breeders were quiet rude. Not only was Rosie at Chatabelles incredibly friendly and helpful, she also offered a greater variety of colours, and lower prices than the other breeders. Rosie would email me back and forth answering all of my questions and send me up to date pictures of the kittens. When we finally went to pick up our kitten it was so great to see all of the happy cats and kittens just lounging around the house.

Now, we have our 9 week old kitten that we named Gizmo at home. He is absolutely perfect! He is so sweet and cuddly with a purr louder than our 6 month old. He and our other cat are the best of friends. When they aren’t busy chasing each other around the house, they are cuddled up on the window ledge. At night both cats snuggle with us in bed and Gizmo shares his time evenly between my husband and I. Almost as if he is trying to make sure one of us doesn’t feel left out J.

Overall, I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for a new kitten! You can’t go wrong with this breed, but going through Chatabelles ensures the whole process is an enjoyable one. Thanks: Meaghan.


Last summer I purchased a Ragdoll kitten from Chatabelles. The entire experience was amazing. Rose-Ann was always willing to answer any of the questions I had throughout the process. Since I lived a few hours from her house, she would send me pictures to keep me updated on the kitten I chose. She was also able to accept payment by email which was very convenient for me. My kitten came with his first set of vaccinations, deworming treatments, and a health record which was very helpful when transitioning him to a new veterinary clinic in Guelph. The kitten I brought home was perfect! He was healthy, litter box trained and loved to cuddle. He has such a loving and fun personality, he even plays fetch with his toys.  I am so happy with my kitten and the service that Chatabelles delivered. Thank you so much again! Stanley is my little buddy! Follows me around everywhere! Thanks: Candice.