A few months ago I was mentioning to a friend at work that I wanted to buy a new kitten to keep our 5 month old rescue kitten occupied at home. My colleague asked me if I had considered a ragdoll kitten. I had never even heard of this breed before – so the research began! I fell in love with what I was reading about the breed instantly, and their adorable appearance didn’t hurt. I was surprised to find that there were a number of Ragdoll breeders in Ontario. I reached out to about 6 in total. Some didn’t have any kittens available, and some breeders were quiet rude. Not only was Rosie at Chatabelles incredibly friendly and helpful, she also offered a greater variety of colours, and lower prices than the other breeders. Rosie would email me back and forth answering all of my questions and send me up to date pictures of the kittens. When we finally went to pick up our kitten it was so great to see all of the happy cats and kittens just lounging around the house.

Now, we have our 9 week old kitten that we named Gizmo at home. He is absolutely perfect! He is so sweet and cuddly with a purr louder than our 6 month old. He and our other cat are the best of friends. When they aren’t busy chasing each other around the house, they are cuddled up on the window ledge. At night both cats snuggle with us in bed and Gizmo shares his time evenly between my husband and I. Almost as if he is trying to make sure one of us doesn’t feel left out J.

Overall, I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for a new kitten! You can’t go wrong with this breed, but going through Chatabelles ensures the whole process is an enjoyable one. Thanks: Meaghan.