Our Kitten

I got my kitten last November. She was about 4 months old at the time. Rose-Ann and Bruno delivered her to me with a food sample and a small blanket with her mother’s scent. Rose-Ann was very helpful with all my questions. My kitten was already litter trained, and to this day I had no problems with her use of her litter box. She is very healthy, active, playful and affectionate. I never had any problems with her appetite. She likes to run around and kick a little rubber ball all over the living room, but she also likes to sleep beside me or just sit and watch me go about my chores. Sometimes she will meow with her little voice until I pet her. She used to like climbing onto tables and countertops, but that happens less now that she’s bigger. I will definitely consider “Chatabelles” again if I decide to add another ragdoll cat to my household. Thank you: Carlo.